Gold Coins

The strikingly portayed Oryx or Gemsbok as it is better known, is the theme in the award-winning “Monarchs Of Africa” series. The graceful head of the Oryx appears on the obverse of all four coins while the reverse depicts scenes from the Antelope’s life.

The Sable is the second in the “Monarchs of Africa” series. Known as the “Queen of the Antelope”, because the female horns are similar in size to that of the male.
The first of the Nautura series was the “Big Five”, starting in 1994 with the Lion, followed by the Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo and Leopard. Both the Elephant and the Buffalo one ounce coins were awarded the title of “The Most Beautiful Coin in the World” at the mint directors’ conference. The Leopard was awarded “The Most Popular Coin” at the Singapore Coin Show in 1998.

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