What triggers David Azzato’s success

There are many triggers in the business universe that can turn on the success but the most difficult thing about them is seeing them. Some people, like David Azzato, see their ways very easily and know how to use them. Here are a few words about David Azzato, triggers and success.
For some it’s their attitude, money or maybe success that gives them the energy and motivation to work and go on, but for Mr. Azzato it is the urge for better. He had a hard childhood and had to work in order to get the education he needed in order to succeed one day and to be able to help others. After college he worked in the programming industry but soon he found a way to make his dreams a reality.
While talking to David Azzato you will not have the feeling to be talking to someone who is overly successful, but more as someone who enjoys his life. Mr. Azzato thinks that the real reason for his success are his and his team’s passion for what they are working. They never take to seriously the projects, and always take their time to come up with the best and most efficient solutions.

The big family

They work together as a family, and everyone knows that he or she is an important part of the team. Everything what anyone says is taken with the same respect. But there must be someone in charge, and that someone is David Azzato, isn’t he? No, he is not. The one who is in charge of one project is the one who has the best idea and/or solution for it. But there is no hierarchy.
It is more safe to work in such an environment and to work with a team where everyone can rely on others and feel safe. Many employers find it that a safe and secure environment with no deadlines results with better quality work.
Are there any guidelines to follow in order to become successful? David Azzato said there are a few. The first one is to be yourself, like in any other aspect of your life, in order to have original and good quality ideas. The second step to follow in order to get successful is not to want to be successful. It sounds a little funny, but it is true. He told us he never wanted to be a successful businessman but only to do something to change things to better. And the third and final step tu success, according to Mr. Azzato, is to have a great team. The right people will help you achieve your goals. I never saw them as employees. I think more of them as my colleagues, and that is the key thing to develope a good atmosphere in your working space.
It seems like it takes more to change yourself and your attitude to become successful than to do something considering your job, projects or other activities.

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